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From: Genny McCain
Subject: A Genny Story... Melly's Strap-OnThank you all for the nice letters about my stories. I am always amazed
at how many people write and say that they really like them.
A little while back I told Melly that it was her responsibility to keep
me in sexy experiences so I can keep writing my stories. She gave me an
evil smile and said she was working on it. I'm sure she didn't plan this
as a story but it was sexy and fun and I hope you like it. A Genny Story nymph henti - Melly's Strap-onI am Genny. Last Friday night Melly and I went over to a friends for dinner. The
friend is Jane. Her lover is Bev. Melly knows Jane from the hospital.
Jane is a cardiologist there. Jane is the one that introduced me to my
second great love...Sailing. She has a 43 foot sail boat, she keeps in
Lake Huron. We have been taking sailing vacations with Jane on the Great
Lakes for the past ukrainian nympho three years.Two years ago Jane met Bev. Bev is Jane's first lola nymph naked pics female lover. At first I
wasn't too sure I liked Bev. Jane is a wonderful person, japan nympho
but not a real
beauty. My mother would say "Big Boned". (Janet Reno comes to mind). she
is very sweet and very intelligent and she does have lots of money. Bev
is very pretty (sometimes stunning) and they met while Bev's firm was
doing Jane's taxes. I was worried that my friend might of met up with a
gold digger. Since then I have warmed up to Bev. She seems to really care
for Jane and both of them are very happy. The dinner was great. As usuall Jane had the best of everything.
Wonderful food and LOTS of great wine. After dinner we cuddled up around
a roaring fire and love nymph tgp
drank more wine and told old stories. Bev really
started to opene up. She started telling us of her college adventures.
She was a math major at The University of Michigan. To make ends meet she
had a sexy nude nymphs part time job tutoring all the football players. More than a few of
them ended thier tutoring sessions with a jump between the sheets. She
had stories of all these athletic giants with really big dicks. Bev is
onle a little over five foot and weighs right at 100 lbs. She was even
smaller in college. Her first time with a woman was a coed softballer
that she helped with her studies. The conversation was sexy and fun.
On the way home Melly drove and by the time the car got warm I was
dozing in my seat. nymph henti We got home and crawled right into bed. A little
kissing and touching and I drifted off to sleep. About an hour later I
felt Melly press up against my back. She slid her hand up under my tee
shirt and pulled me back against her. I patted her hand and wiggled back,
feeling her warm bare tits on my back. She started kissing my neck,
sending shivers down my spine. Her palm was pressing on my tit and I know
she could feel my nipple harden in her palm. She kept kissing me and
leaving little bites on my neck and ears. I was very awake now, and tried
to turn around to take her in my arms, but naked nymphs free pics she held me fast, so I relaxed
to let her have her fun. Her hand came down and tugged at my panties. I
raised my hips to help her nymph fucking and they slid down to my knees. She hooked
them with her toes and slipped them all the way down and off. I pressed
my naked bottom against her and felt something that was definitly not
part of her natural anatomy. I giggled and reached back between us."My my, what do we have here." I asked.My hand was around her strap-on, and I started to stroke it a little. Her
strap-on has about a 3 inch end that fits nicely up into the wearer, and
pulling it up and down sends sexy ripples thru her pussy.Melly whispered in my ear, "Be my good girl and let me fuck your sweet
bottom."I moaned louder than I had planned "Oh baby! Anything that you want."Melly bit my neck hard and pressed the length of her cock between the
cheeks of my ass. She moved away and I could feel her getting up on her
knees. I moved with her and kneeling in the middle of the bed. She was
behind me. I raised up and turned my head to kiss indian nymphos her face. She gave me
her tongue then slipped one hand down to my puss and the other teased my
nipples. One, then two fingers slid into me. I could feel how wet I was
and Melly brought her fingers out and wiped them on the lips of my sex to
get me ready. Her fingers went back inside me and I would have been happy
to just stay like that forever. Her hand came back out and she used my
juice to lube her cock. She broke the kiss and pushed me back on my hands
and knees. I wiggled my ass back at her to let her know I was ready.
Melly put both hands on my back between my shoulder blades and pushed
hard downward. My arms gave way and now I was face down in my pillow with
my ass high in the air. Melly brought her cock head to my sex and wiped
it across my lips getting it even wetter. My arms were nympho stories
laying at my sides
on the bed. tiny nymphs tgp Melly grabbed both my hands and brought them up to my cheeks.
I was a little surprised by this but I grabbed my cheeks and parted them
for her. I heard her moan, and I felt her slap the wet cock against my
little pucker. I held my breath. We have never had anal sex. My pulse was
racing. It was exciting that I was that open to her. I don't know if I
was hoping that she would, or hoping that she wouldn't. After a few
seconds hesitation I felt the head at my pussy. A gentle push and I felt
it enter me, I moaned. nubile blonde nymphs naked
Melly's hands went to my hips and she started to
press into me.MMMmmmmmm it felt so good. I dropped my hands back to the bed and held
still letting her do all the work. I could hear her breathing getting
ragged and knew she was really getting into it. The cock hit bottom and
she started to slide it back out. porno and nympho I heard her whispering to herself. "Mmm
pretty bottom. Oh fuck that pretty bottom." Her hands were on my ass and
I could feel her spreading my cheeks again with her thumbs. I cold
imagine the view she had and it excited me to be this open to her. Melly
kept stroking in and out. We were both moaning. I snuck nymph nudists my hand up to
touch my pussy. I began rubbing over my clit with nymphs forums xxx the flat of my fingers.
Melly started to fuck harder and her hands back at my hips were pulling
me harder to her with each stroke. I kept bucking back at her. She leaned
over my back. Her hands went down to my tits and she started to lightly
pinch my nipples. I Groaned loudly as she started to tug at them both.
She was milking my tits and fucking pussy. She started getting louder and
nastier (a sure sign she is getting close). I wanted to cum with her so I
pressed harder against my clit with my fingers. Melly started yelling "Oh
Genny, Gen Gen fuck fuck fuuuuuck!" She was cumming and I was right with
her. I tilted my ass even higher to get every inch of her cock into me.
My fingers were a blurr over my clit, and we both seen stars explode. We were both sweaty. She was pressed deep into me and neither of us
were moving. I swear I could nacked nymphs feel the head of that thing enter my womb.
Her hands had been panty nympho pulling at my tits so hard that now they really hurt.
They were hot and swollen. My nipples were red and aching. I loved it.I felt her relax and start to pull out. I felt like someone hardcore nymph
was sucking
all the air out of me. The wet shaft slapped against my leg and I fell
forward on my belly. nympho sex galleries
Melly collapsed next to me kind of nacked nymphs on her side. He
leg draped over mine and her arm over my shoulders. Her face was buried
in my hair and I could hear her breathing coming back to normal. I turned
in her grasp illegal nude nymphs and kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, and then her lips.
I started moving up tight against her but the strap-on was poking me in
the belly. For some reason Melly doesn't like to have anything to do with
it after we fuck. I always take it off her. I moved down and un-snapped
the dildo from the panties. I carefully slid the small end out of
her. I heard her gasp as it pulled free. I couldn't help myself, I
slipped her end into my mouth and sucked her juice from it. I set the
dildo aside and then pealed the tight panties down her legs and off. love nymph tgp
I moved back up and took her in my arms. I kissed her and slipped my
tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it for a second and then giggled."You taste like pussy. Did pics nympho you suck that nasty thing clean?"I kissed her cheek and free nymph web cams whispered "Nothing from you could be nasty."We lay there for a while and I could feel sleep creeping up on me again.
I cuddled deeper in her arms and asked. "What made you want to do that
tonight?"She was quiet for a minute, then she said "I was watching you while Bev
was telling her stories of fucking the football players, and I thought
you might be missing cock."I had to think for a minute then I whispered back, "Thank you, that was
wonderful. You have all the cock I will ever need."I kissed her again and told how much I loved her. A minute later we were
both asleep.I hope you liked the story. It got me all excited just writing it all
down. As always I would love to hear from anyone that would like nympho ped
to write
me. www,gfire55hotmail.comLate summer kisses Genny
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